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Dolsey Bumper 11-4 Blue Used (sold)


Dolsey Bumper 11-4 Used Paddle Board for Sale.  

Dolsey Bumper 11-4 is a stable, light-weight, and versatile stand-up paddle board.

List Price:  $975

Sale Price: $650

Put In Service: 2017

Condition: Very Good

The Bumper is a hard bottom SUP with an EVA soft top and very dense bumper rails. The Bumper is wide, stable, very fast and light.

Why a PVC bottom? For rigidity and duribality. Our concave deck ads to stability and it is manufactured with a, built in traction and 5-fin set up.

The Bumper is great lightweight all-around board for families, travel, and waterfront cottages.

The Bumper also has more features than other soft top SUPs and comes standerd with 8 deck gear tie down plugs, reinforced deck and rails, front and rear camera mounts, gasing vent plug and leash plug.