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Pursuit Paddle Boards Squid 11-0

Pipeline Paddle Boards

No longer available.  Pursuit Paddle Boards, of Milford Township, MI made great boards for many years but are no longer in business as of 2019.

Pursuit Paddle Boards Squid 11' is designed for the beginner stand up paddle boarder.  Designed with a hybrid/epoxy foam combination and added EVA coating on the rail the Squid is perfect for the family who wants a summer full of fun. Engineered for maximum stability, glide and maneuverability the Squid features a White LiftSUP handle, ConnexSUP mount, foredeck and aft deck lash points to secure your favorite gear and PFD.  In addition, the handle can be used with a cable lock for security.

List Price: $950.00

Currently out of Stock.