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Pursuit PaddleBoards Riptide 11-6

Pursuit Paddleboards

No longer available.  Pursuit Paddle Boards, of Milford Township, MI made great boards for many years but are no longer in business as of 2019.

The Pursuit Paddle Boards Riptide 11-6 is an extremely stable option for those who want to explore the sport of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding.

The smooth rocker entry is designed to not push water and the bottom concave pulls water under the board, creating a faster, denser flow through the center of the standing area.

The rail starts with a high apex that descends towards the tail which keeps the nose planing while the tail is engaged its' full length to minimize drafting.

Features include a White LiftSUP handle, ConnexSUP mount, foredeck and aft deck lash points to secure your favorite gear and PFD.  In addition, the handle can be used with a cable lock for security.

List Price: $1,095.00